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Episode 044 - The Silver Miracle© - Dr Gordon Pedersen

October 20, 2019

The Spiritual Handyman Internet TV Show
Episode 044 - The Silver Miracle© - Dr Gordon Pedersen

Check out the curative and preventative qualities of silver! Dr Pedersen shares his knowledge and experience in this episode.


From women suffering from yeast, vaginal, urinary tract infections, to cold and flu victims to people steeped in mold from natural disasters, and people just wanting to stay healthy and stave off disease, Dr. Pedersen's Structured Silver Liquid is having a massive impact.

In The Silver Miracle, Why Silver is The Greatest Tool For Restoring & Protecting Health Ever Discovered By Science, Dr. Pedersen's illuminating book on silver as a health treatment, he shows how structured silver has a direct impact on women's health issues, respiratory system, cardiovascular health, digestive system, urinary system, immunity and skin. It's also a great preventative for travelers against ingestible and airborne invaders. The Silver Miracle provides suggested ways to address 40 common ailments and conditions.Structured Silver Liquid has also had significant impact for animals.

Silver has been known throughout history as a curative, but modern medicine has made antibiotics and other drugs the primary medicinal response. But in today's world, with antibiotics being outfoxed by morphing bacteria, rendering them ineffective and allowing the rise of such strains as MRSA, silver is the perfect non-toxic, completely safe solution that has thousands of applications. Structured silver water destroys bacteria that include streptococcus, staph, bubonic plague, MRSA, e. coli, salmonella, syphilis, gonorrhea and all the pathogens-including the drug-resistant "superbug" Candida auris (C.Auris) -- that cause many of the world's most difficult-to-eradicate diseases and conditions.

That's one of things that Dr. Pedersen finds most satisfying...the people who have been to dozens of doctors, tried just about everything and suffered for years, who are reporting "Miracle Results"-hence the book's title. But Structured Silver also provides a bulwark against disease by preventing such devious little pathogens from getting entrenched. Used as a topical treatment, even skin conditions are radically improved-including bug bites!

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