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Episode 040 - The Akashic Records - Jason Antalek

September 22, 2019

The Spiritual Handyman Internet TV Show
Episode 040 - The Akashic Records - Jason Antalek

Want to know more about the Akashic Records? What are they? Why does it matter? Jason shares his personal experience of how he connected with the Records and what he has learned on his journey.


Jason’s mission is to provide actionable, practical information that can be immediately applied to align you with your Life Purpose. By raising awareness to the benefits of aligning our consciousness in our daily lives, the ripples of transformation impact ourselves, each other, and our world. When we recognize, understand and eliminate destructive behavior patterns, we are able to clear out energies that no longer serve us, replacing those energies with clean, focused perspective. This allows for space to take new action. New actions result in new outcomes. The Akashic Records hold the information best suited to support these shifts in perspective. As a reader of these records, Jason delivers Soul-Level understanding.

Along with the Akashic Records, there are many modalities and techniques that Jason works with during reading and healing sessions. Shamanic practices, Angelic Reiki, Quantum interaction, ancient Egyptian pyramid healing methods and intuitive additions are used as Divinely guided. Each session is tailored and adjusted to be in the highest good for the recipient and the practitioner. Continuing sessions build upon previous sessions to create continuity of transformation. We get there together, through Love and Wisdom.

As a teacher, Jason enjoys the interaction with those who attend his classes and workshops. Some of the best learning happens while teaching. Being a perpetual student has a place in Jason’s life, but as an instructor he is able to share his authenticity and enthusiasm, speaking through personal experience. He shares what works for him and supports that there is more than one way to achieve a desired result.

Akashic Shamanism© Workshops
Akashic Shamanism© is a modality that Jason has created based on his years reading in the Akashic Records. During those years he naturally reconnected with shamanic practices from previous lifetimes. The basis for Akashic Shamanism© is receiving the love and wisdom of the records while staying grounded in our human experience. By offering multiple techniques and meditations for participants, a variety of access points to the Akashic Records open that are unique to each student. The deepest goal is to connect to the Records’ energies already present in our bodies. Through these links people are able to gain understanding of themselves, face uncomfortable habitual behaviors, and live a life they design.
This workshop is offered in one day and two day versions, allowing for flexibility in attendance.

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