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Episode 032 - Nutrition - Marva Jolly podcast

July 7, 2019

The Spiritual Handyman Internet TV Show
Episode 032 - Nutrition - Marva Jolly

What we put into our bodies is as important as our thoughts, activities and self-talk. Marva helps us understand how we can take small steps to improve our health without going into a dangerous tailspin over our eating habits!

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Marva Jolly is a Healing Touch Professional and works with biofield energy to support and facilitate your physical, mental and spiritual health and healing. Marva was born an empath and uses her intuitive abilities in her Energy Healing Practice. She began her professional career as an engineer. As an energy healing practitioner, Marva balances her intuition, her drive and passion, and unique perspective to identify underlying issues and develop a plan to improve the health of her clients. 

Marva has advanced training in chakra and Hara energy work. She specializes in balancing of the energy system and chakras as well as removal of blockages. 

Marva is a Master Nutrition Therapist who combines holistic nutrition and energy work to facilitate the healing of her clients. This involves an individualized nutrition assessment and recommendations, energy work, and coaching to help you achieve healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 

Marva's gifts also include communication and healing of animals. She has taken several levels of Healing Touch for animals to support the health and wellness of our beloved pets. 
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