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Episode 029 - Night Threads - Sue Lion

June 16, 2019

Ever wonder how and why you dream? Wonder how to remember and apply your dreams to your waking life? Sue takes us along on her journey of how and why in this episode.


From Sue:

Sitting in a concert one evening, I had an amazing visual image of the music accompanied with a flow of words and images that expressed what I was feeling. I quickly started drawing on my program, trying to capture the movement and harmony, putting an audio message into a visual form. That was the beginning. I’ve gone to many concerts since then and continue to be amazed at how visual music really is. My InWord Art collection has evolved over the years but the common thread is music. Songs come in many forms – a sweet cello in a string quartet or a cheerful bird in the trees close to my house. All evoke a poetic place inside me to draw and write – my InWord place.
The animal drawings have come from a different place but one still associated with nature. I’ve studied the spiritual attributes of animals that the Ancients have observed. Since they didn’t separate the physical from the spiritual, I’ve tried to add symbolism to each drawing that reflects that connectedness. All the animals teach us about our physical walk on the earth and the spiritual walk of our hearts. The words have come from what I’ve learned, then distilled down to mesh with the drawings.
Magical and mermaids – it’s fun to see the possibilities and be tuned in to what our human eyes don’t – or won’t – see. Mother Earth and the Universe work in mysterious ways.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. My hope is the energy I’ve instilled into each drawing will give you hope and let you live with harmony, at least at this moment.

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