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Episode 018 - Celtic Goddesses and Heroines - Ayn Cates Sullivan

March 31, 2019
Ayn Cates Sullivan Brings a Scholarly, Yet Spiritual, Recounting of the Powerful and Inspiring British and Irish Female Mythological Figures that Sustained Cultures and Still Resonate Today With Those Who Wish to Live in Harmony with the Earth
In times of yore, their presence was seen and felt everywhere in the Natural World...They spun the moon, made flowers grow and springs gush forth. They were the natural allies of the both animals and man. They had the magical powers that created whole peoples, and brought forth light. But they were often undermined, under attack and coveted by powerful figures and forces...And yet they rose strong and powerful, even when it required great sacrifice.
They were the Celtic Goddesses and Heroines whose stories have been kept alive for hundreds--if not thousands--of years, and who have inspired women throughout the ages to seek and take sustenance from the Divine Feminine, to nurture themselves and their feminine essence in the light cast by these figures. And to honor the balance of nature.
Now, Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D, has brought them to life for this generation, capturing their stories on the page in two remarkable award-winning and highly acclaimed books, Heroines of Avalon and Other Tales and Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses.
With a Masters and Doctorate in Literature from Columbia University and King's College London, Sullivan actually walked the British Isles and Ireland to reclaim the stories that she has assembled in her "Legends of the Grail" series, The Grail being defined as the Divine Feminine.
Says Sullivan, "The 'Legends of the Grail' collection is written to inspire and empower the contemporary reader who wishes to remember how to live harmoniously with the Earth."
In each book, she brings forth the story of a goddess or a heroine, oftentimes speaking from the legend's own voice. Sullivan offers that goddess or heroine's place in the historical mythology, her cultural and religious significance, her special gifts, and the mystical elements associated with her -- colors, trees, animals and rituals. There are also guided meditations specifically designed to call forth that figure's protection, essence and empowering qualities, so that the modern day woman can embody and strengthen her own spirit.    
The stories are engaging and fun. You will feel like you are sitting around the fire listening to the female elders of your community passing along these legends just for you. Each story is unique to its Irish, Welsh, Scottish or English origins, with the most recent volume focusing on heroines associated with King Arthur, Glastonbury and Avalon.
In the foreword, Dr. Susan Lange, author of The 7 Toxic Lies: Breakthrough the Barriers of Family and Generational Trauma into the Magic of Your Own Core Light, notes, "Ayn Cates Sullivan is masterful in weaving stories that heal as you read them. Surround yourself with empowering stories like the ones in this book, where the women-Goddesses and heroines like yourself-face untold obstacles, both inner and outer, and prevail. These are stories about women who become champions in their own lives, and then touch others...It's time to connect to the powerful lineage of the Divine Feminine. She is there for all."