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Episode 015 - Awareness - Jennifer Lonnberg

March 10, 2019

Awareness is the beginning of so many aspects of our Spiritual journey and growth. Jennifer helps us recognize and react to our awareness with simplicity and ease.


Jennifer is passionate about helping women find freedom and Embody Grace!
Freedom from self-criticism; freedom from negative thinking; freedom from anxiety and worry. Embodied Grace is embracing your truth.
Embracing and loving your life; embracing self-awareness by doing what is right for you and letting go of what others think you “should do”.
Embodied grace is claiming your worth; aligning with your purpose, setting your intentions, and moving in the clarity of knowing what you want.

I help my clients align their intention with their actions to produce positive changes.

From Jennifer; I am Christian; I love God and Jesus, AND I am also Intuitive/ Psychic/ Clairvoyant.  You can call it whatever you’d like but basically I can see things and hear things and know things that most other people don’t see or hear or know.   When I was young I saw Angels and Jesus and when we sang “He walks with me and he talks with me…” I didn’t realize that the other people in church didn’t actually see Jesus and the Angels like I did.
I don’t know at what age, but at some point I realized that I had to be very careful with who I talked to about what I could see.  My mom knew about my “gifts” and tried to encourage me, but by high school I had tried to shut most of it down.  I still had things here and there that would happen but for the most part I tried to pretend it didn’t.  At that point I really thought it was a curse.  And somewhere along the way I realized that most “Church people” thought that being psychic was mostly evil.  So then I was really afraid to let anyone know.